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It’s Trekkers, Not Trekkies! And Other Lessons From Our First Resistance Is Futile Video Podcast

What do you call a Star Trek fan hosting their first video podcast? A Star Trek fan hosting their first video podcast. Alternatively, you can call them a Trekker (if you must). Just don’t call them a Trekkie (a lesson Gene Roddenberry himself learned the hard way).

Welcome to Resistance Is Futile, our new weekly video podcast featuring two InnerSpace producers, Mark (a long, longtime fan of the franchise) and April (a newbie who can’t tell her androids from her aliens).

In this first episode, we witness the clash of cultures between a Star Trek fan and a non-fan (yes, that’s really a thing in our building) as they discuss the new series’ premiere episodes, touching on topics like where Chris Pine fits into the Trek timeline and whether or not it’s possible for Michelle Yeoh’s Captain Phillipa Georgiou to come back as a ghost.

Expect answers to your burning Discovery questions (do Federation starships have foyers?) and fun Trek trivia that even experts will enjoy (guess which IRL country the first Klingon hailed from?).

The opinions expressed on this video podcast are solely those of April and Mark and do not represent the views of the studio. Also, duh, spoilers ahead! Check out the video below and tune in each week for new episodes.