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Deadpool Swag That’ll Help You Embrace Your Feminine Side



The superhero Deadpool—and presumably the latest movie version of the character who’s getting his solo film debut next year—is a foul-mouthed, ultra-violent jerk with lots of huge muscles and a big ugly face. To most people, that probably seems pretty par for the course for super bro-y comic book action movie hero.

But surprisingly, these days Deadpool is anything but a bro—especially when he’s written the right way. Heck, sometimes he even wears dresses just because he wants to, and nobody says anything, because who cares? It’s Deadpool. And he looks good in them, too.


A lot of Deadpool’s fans have embraced Deadpool’s flagrant disregard for traditional gender roles (the latest writer of the comic, Gerry Duggan, confirmed on Twitter a few years ago that his Deadpool is pansexual on top of everything)—but despite that, its still pretty tough to find merchandise for the Merc with a Mouth that truly embraces his feminine side. Well, unless you go to Etsy, of course, where talented crafters and artisans have created some of the cutest and frilliest Deadpool swag around.

This Deadpool Hello Kitty Necklace


Buy one at Howl’s Moving Boutique!

These Baby Hanging Deadpool Earrings


“Cutie With a Mouth” indeed! Get them at Nerdy But Still Girly.

This Deadpool Halter Top


Custom made at Polka Dot and Ruffles.

These Sexy Deadpool Garters


Available at Geeky Garters.

This Adorable Deadpool Circle Skirt


Perfect for the bloodiest sock hop. Get it at Pandora’s Productions.

These Rad Deadpool Pumps


Get them from Mad Envy

This Deadpool Lace Headband


He even has his OWN Headband! Grab one for yourself at Little Bug Boqwtique.

This Stylish Deadpool Nail Polish


As made by Gem City Tiffany.

This Sharp Deadpool Pocket Watch Necklace


Made by Moon Sun and Stars Today.

This Nifty Deadpool Clutch


Grab one by MeganElizabeth31.

These Deadpool Leggings


Created by Tohnik.

This Deadpool Corset


Check it out at Tracy Michelle Couture.

These Funky Deadpool Comic Earrings


Made by Eloise Rose Jewelry.

This Hot Deadpool Bikini


Made By Tenjin’s Cos Creations.

This Deadpool Tutu

deadpool-tutu-1438209668 MTV[/caption]

Made By Moxxie Couture.

These Glittery Deadpool Heels


Grab them at Ellaroo Shoes!

This Heart-Shaped Deadpool Treasure Box


To keep all your Deadpool jewelry in, obviously. Made by Katie Nielsen Novelty.

These Mini Deadpool Hair Bows


Made by Christina’s Krafts.

This Statement Deadpool Headband


Made by Angela Skylars!