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David Harbour’s Taking Hellboy In A ‘Completely Different’ Direction


When it was announced that David Harbour would be starring in a Hellboy reboot, putting an end to the Guillermo del Toro/Ron Perlman movie series, many fans were outraged—including several of Harbour’s friends. “I was approached by some very prominent nerds whom I know very well, and I respect their opinions because they’re friends of mine, who were like, ‘Dude, step away from the Hellboy,’” the actor revealed to The Hollywood Reporter, before explaining that there’s no need to pick sides. “I can like Michael Keaton’s Batman and I can like Christian Bale’s Batman. I can like Jack Nicolson’s Joker and I can like Heath Ledger’s Joker.”

While Harbour thinks Perlman and del Toro are both “amazing,” he sees this as an opportunity to create a Hellboy movie that’s closer in spirit to the comics. “They seem much more melancholy,” he said of Mike Mignola’s work. “They seem much more primal, more struggle, more angst. And I felt like those other two movies were funnier and brighter and kind of sillier in a way, which was great for what it was.” However, he wants to approach the material “in a different light and to do something completely different than what they had done.”

As an actor who has yet to achieve leading man status, Harbour can’t be faulted for seizing this opportunity, particularly given his enthusiasm for the comics and his belief that this is a genuinely well-intentioned adaptation. “They are making these kind of popcorn-y, somewhat two-dimensional comic book movies and then there is this strain like Logan and Deadpool,” he explained. “That is what I am drawn to in the genre. I would love to do a Hellboy where you love him, but you’re also not quite sure about him.”

Hellboy arrives in theatres on January 11, 2019. Check out the trailer for the Perlman-del Toro original below.