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A Hint Of What’s To Come In Dark Matter Season 2

Since the first season of Dark Matter came to a close last August, we’ve had several chances to hear from the cast. They visited Fan Expo in September and Toronto ComiCon in March, but those visits left many questions unanswered. We still have a lot to learn about Two’s backstory, Six’s betrayal, and all kinds of explosive developments that have yet to be introduced. With the premiere just a few days away, here are a few more hints of what you can expect from season two.

A ‘healer’ joins the crew

Along with Game of Thrones actress Melanie Liburd and Run Lola Run’s Franka Potente, Shaun Sipos joins the cast in season two. Describing his character as “a healer,” Sipos says he has a unique effect on the ship. “Everyone essentially trusts a doctor and it’s a source of comfort if things go awry,” he explains. “He’s someone that can fix the insides of someone, but the big thing is his insides are all twisted up. So it’s a bit of an odd situation. He provides comfort to some, while others don’t quite trust him.”

Characters you know

As Anthony Lemke sees it, the character development in season one has put you in an ideal position to understand where his character is coming from in season two. “Three’s been established as the character that doesn’t trust easily and that’s a pretty consistent trait throughout season two as well,” he says. “For some folks it takes a heck of a lot more than it does for others. Three doesn’t get there lightly.”

Deeper bonds

While Three’s behaviour is generally consistent with the character we met in season one, there’s still plenty of room for change. According to Lemke, this will take the form of a blossoming relationship. “There’s an individual Three develops a much deeper bond with than he had in season one,” he reveals. “You see Three moving on down the empathy route to be able to interact more as a person in a caring way. But it’s still in a Three way, you know?  He doesn’t all of a sudden turn into One. He’s still Three, but I think it’s the most fun change that happens for him.”

Answers are imminent

Going into season two, many questions remain from season one, but co-creator Joseph Mallozzi says you won’t have to wait long for answers. “One of the things that drives me nuts about certain mystery shows is they hold onto the mystery for so long,” he complains. “They never answer the mystery in a satisfactory fashion, and that’s one of the things that I wanted to avoid.”

Putting the ‘Dark’ in Dark Matter

While Mallozzi wisely avoids specifics, he also promises that season two will put the “dark” in Dark Matter. “One of the things that I love about some of the cable shows is the fact that we know no one is safe,” he told Gizmodo. Elsewhere, he elaborated, explaining that “at least two characters’ stories will evolve in surprising ways, while another two characters’ story evolutions will be downright shocking.”

The second season of Dark Matter premieres on Friday at 10e 7p, right after an all-new Killjoys. Be sure to stick around till 11e 8p for InnerSpace‘s special dedicated to both space operas. To mentally prepare for the intrigue to come, watch the trailer below.