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This Conjuring 2 Prank Video Is Real Scary And Scary Real

In the internet era, innocent prank shows like Candid Camera would have a hard time getting anyone’s attention. Rather than offer mundane, everyday humiliation, today’s prank videos prefer shock, horror, and even some genuine suffering. With that in mind, prepare to be slightly disturbed by the lengths Brazilian TV show Câmera Escondida goes to, in order to simulate the experience of being immersed in the world of The Conjuring 2. Unearthed by Bloody Disgusting, this video documents a thoroughly convincing series of shocks. Given the genuine (or genuine looking) terror in this video, director James Wan seems oddly chipper in the introduction.


Following the intro, the first victim is escorted to the room of a bed-ridden woman known as Maria and given simple instructions for medicating the sleeping patient. The victim’s first impressions are left unspoken, but you can imagine what she was thinking when she arrived here.


When it comes time to give Maria her medicine, the woman attempts to remain calm—and then this happens.


Instantly terrified, she races across the room, only to see furniture come to life, blocking her exit.


She struggles to hold it together, but this proves impossible, as lights flicker, static appears on a TV, crosses rotate, and Maria floats above her bed.


This inspires our desperate victim to hide behind some furniture.


Maria eventually collapses on to the bed, restoring a sense of calm—and then the terrifying nun from The Conjuring 2 appears out of nowhere (with an illuminated Annabelle visible nearby).


Needless to say, the woman goes into a panic. It’s a pretty gruelling ordeal—and that’s just the first victim. For all nine shocking minutes, watch the video below.