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7 Things You Need To Know About The New Sci-Fi Drama Colony

Bravo’s new science fiction drama series from Carlton Cuse (Lost) and Ryan J. Condal (Hercules), Colony transports viewers to a dystopian Los Angeles of the not-too-distant future. The city has been colonized by extraterrestrial invaders intent on controlling the world’s population. Among their prisoners is a married couple (Josh Holloway, Sarah Wayne Callies), who have two kids—and a prominent role in the Resistance. We don’t want to spoil where it goes from there, but here are seven things you need to know about Colony.

1. What’s it like?

Colony - Pilot

Early reviews are comparing Colony to Wayward Pines, Falling Skies, and Battlestar Galactica. The show’s pedigree is further boosted by its two stars, who are both veterans of blockbuster genre series: Lost (Holloway) and The Walking Dead (Callies).

2. Not just an alien invasion show

Colony - Pilot

While no plot synopsis of Colony would be complete without a reference to the alien invasion, Cuse says he plans to breathe new life into this familiar premise. “What we definitely did not want to do was an alien invasion show,” he said. “We’re trying to avoid the tropes of alien invasion shows as we’ve seen them before.”

3. Echoes of World War II

Colony - Pilot

Colony has no shortage of real world influences, but Cuse says one is significantly more important than the others. “What we [Cuse and Condal] were both sort of fascinated by was this idea of what it would have been like to live in Paris during Nazi occupation and World War II,” he told Entertainment Weekly. “It was fascinating to us that people in these incredibly extreme circumstances were still trying to go about their normal lives.”

4. No phones allowed

Colony - Pilot

Living under the supervision of aliens would be difficult enough, but the characters in Colony also have to function without phones. “Things like cell phones and all that are cut off,” Holloway told E! Online. “We don’t know what is happening outside the L.A. block.”

5. Cars are also banned


Rather than use cars, the characters in Colony get around on bikes. According to Callies, this effectively (and efficiently) dramatized the show’s premise: “It’s such a quick way to tell the audience, ‘We may be in Kansas, but this is not the Kansas you’re thinking of.’”

6. We’re all on the same page

Colony - Pilot

Rather than enter the mystery with less knowledge than the characters, you will immediately find that you’re on equal footing. “What’s happened is largely a mystery to the characters in the show as well,” Condal explains. “So really, you’re discovering things in the show through the characters that are in the show. So it’s this kind of a collective experience for everybody.”

7. Something “very new” for women

Colony - Pilot

Tired of one-note female characters? Callies is pleased to report that Katie pushed her in the opposite direction. “I’ve never read a character like her,” she says. “When you get down to it, there isn’t always a ton of variety in the kind of characters that women get to play. This is something very new. The evolution of her over our 10 episodes is pretty cool.”

Colony premieres on Bravo at 10e 7p this Thursday. To prepare for life under occupation, watch the trailer below.