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Class Primer: 5 Fresh Things We Learned Ahead Of The Premiere

We’re just days away from the debut of Class, the Doctor Who spinoff you definitely already know about if you’re a sci-fi fan with a wifi connection/TV/pulse. The team behind the show, including writer Patrick Ness and Who executive producer Brian Minchin, have been closely guarding the details, but with the premiere date closing in, a bit more intel has emerged. Here are five new Class facts that came out in a recent interview with the cast and crew:

Ties to Doctor Who are subtle, but strong


Expect winky nods to familiar Who characters and companions: “We’re kind of peppering the show with little easter eggs wherever possible,” producer Derek Ritchie told Radio Times. “There’s little nods throughout, that will always link it to the Doctor Who universe. Because that’s so important to our audience as well. To feel part of Doctor Who, but a new part of Doctor Who as well.”

It’s gonna get bloody


Like, literally bloody, not “bloody” in the way the Brits use the word. “We’ve introduced blood back into Doctor Who,” says showrunner Patrick Ness. But, he adds, the blood and gore “has to be story-driven. It has to come from story. We’ve talked a lot about how everything has to be earned, or an audience can tell.”

The show’s appeal reaches far beyond the YA demographic


“I would watch it, my friends would watch it, my family would watch it, so I think it’s going to be generational,” says Class actor Sophie Hopkins. Her co-star Greg Austin adds: “Young adults want to be and are essentially adults, so I think it will appeal to that demographic, and to people a lot older. They can see references to their own childhood and their own teenage years.”

The title has a double meaning


Class will confront topics like high school life, alien invasions, and… socioeconomic inequality? “That’s an expatriate having a little bit of fun because I know, having lived here for a long long time, that the British talk about class,” says Ness. “And I thought, ‘Okay, well let’s make the title a little allusive, let’s make it ring like a struck bell.’ So it’s set in a class, it absolutely is, that is the most basic explanation for it. But ‘class’ has lots of meanings.”

The TARDIS could land more than once during the season

Class - Ep1

While Ness and the rest of the team behind Class are determined to make the spinoff a show that can stand on its own, Minchin (who produces both shows) comes very close to admitting that the Doctor may make a second appearance following his episode one handoff. Class, says Minchin, is “part of this absolutely fantastic tapestry and universe, and that kind of hand-off and the imprimatur that the Doctor can give… it’s not quite how the Star Trek series all did it, but I just thought [it would] really say, ‘This is where we are and this is the point of view we’re going to take.’”

Okay, so what about that second appearance by Peter Capaldi? “It’s a world that has the Doctor in it…” Minchin says cryptically.

Class has it’s two-hour/two-episode debut this Saturday night on Space. Tune in at 9e 6p to catch it—and don’t miss Innerspace’s special interview with the Doctor himself (and new companion Pearl Mackie), airing ahead of the premiere.