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Are You Smart Enough To #SURVIVECLASS?

You remember it: ‘Get me out of here!’ is a thought that runs through the head of all high schoolers. On repeat. For four years. But dreaming of escape was a survival tactic—#SURVIVECLASS is the real thing. On in Toronto until the end of the week, the Doctor Who spinoff-themed escape game is your high school (lockers and all), only this time there’s a way out.

Based on the upcoming series Class, the event is divided into two school-themed rooms. The premise? A portal to a dark and dangerous dimension is about to open at Coal Hill Academy, made famous by Who’s Clara Oswald. The mission? Solve the puzzle, stop the portal. Each of the rooms contains three puzzles for groups of four to solve before they team up to figure out the bigger puzzle, break open those lockers, and unlock a secret room.


In the first room is Miss Quill’s Science Class, which you come upon soon after it’s been abruptly evacuated. There’s a bomb, made by The Doctor himself, capable of destroying the portal—if you can figure out the activation code. Miss Quill has left you (her students) three sets of science-based puzzles, all of which contain clues to figure out the code and detonate the bomb. You get 15 minutes to do it—but don’t stress, it’s not like the fate of humanity is resting on this or anything (oh wait, no, it actually is).


Room 2 is the Coal Hill Academy Fall Formal. Playing off of the Class premiere in which we’re introduced to the school and its students during prom/the opening of a portal to another dimension, this room is about finding the missing prom king and queen. You’re given 15 minutes to track them down and escape with them. But be warned: there’s a twist. And it isn’t a minor one.


Playing the Class escape game feels like being a part of the show as the tension revs up and teams begin to run from their class to the lockers and back again trying to solve the puzzles/save the world. (Pro tip: go to this thing well-caffeinated.)

InnerSpace’s Teddy Wilson got an advance look at the game before it opened to the public. Check out this clip of his tour—just don’t expect him to solve any of the puzzles for you.

Try out the #SURVIVECLASS event for yourself at 277 Queen Street West from now until to the 23 of October. The game runs everyday from noon until 8pm. If you aren’t in the city this week and still want to get in on some escape room action, head to Toronto’s Captive Escape Rooms (the puzzle engineers behind #SURVIVECLASS) to play one of their year-round, hour-long escape games.

And don’t forget to tune in to the two-hour series premiere of Class on Space Saturday, October 22 at 9e 6p. In the meantime, check out the trailer below.