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Class Recap: Charlie Faces A Hard Decision And April An Even Harder Battle In ‘Brave-ish Heart’

Weeknights 7e 4p

The sharing economy has officially taken things too far. In our opinion, internal organs should remain the sole property of whoever’s torso they happen to occupy—which is probably why April and her new sorta-boyfriend Ram have leapt through a tear in space-time to hunt down the Shadow Kin king and get April’s heart back by defeating and/or killing him in battle.


On their own in The Underneath (that’s the Class version of Stranger Things’ Upside Down), the two hunt for the Shadow that has a hold on April’s hear (not in the good way).

While they’re busy navigating that world, Quill and headteacher Ames plot to get Charlie to unleash the epic weapons capabilities of the Rhodian Cabinet of Souls in order to defeat the plague of vampiric flower blossoms slowly taking over Shoreditch, making an all-you-can-eat buffet out of human flesh and blood. If Quill can get Charlie to use the Cabinet on the blossoms, Ames promises to help her extract the Rhodian implant in her head.


Quill does lead Ames to Charlie but when the moment arrives to use the weapon, she pivots in an effort to get him to use it against the Shadow Kin—the race of warriors who wiped out the Quill and the Rhodians in a single day (save her and Charlie).


Charlie doesn’t want to use the weapon on anyone—but Ames’ threat to shoot Matteusz changes his mind pretty quickly. Just as he’s about to direct it in one direction or another (blossoms vs Shadows), April returns victorious from her Shadow Kin battle. Having defeated the king, she’s taken his place and now presides over an entire Shadow army, who she commands to kill the blossoms.

Imprisoned in a cell in The Underneath, the former king severs the strongest connection between him and April, freeing her from his control but also stripping her of the superpowers she once had.

Is that the last we’ll see of the Shadow Kin? It seems unlikely since Quill doesn’t seem to be the type to let go of a grudge. That’s not the only question we have:

Headteacher Ames seemed unabashedly evil all episode but then revealed that a) She was still willing to help Quill escape Charlie’s control; and b) Knew it was likely Charlie would never have had to use the Cabinet (and if he had, he would have only been sacrificing a single Rhodian soul, not his entire race). What does this say about The Governors and their allegiances?

Everyone’s parents (except Tanya’s mom) are up to date on the whole space/time mess centered at their children’s school. Parent/teacher night is going to be intense, right?


The Shadow Kin king’s hold on April has weakened, but they still share a heart. That, plus the fact that they’re responsible for the genocide of the Quill and the Rhodians means we’re not done with them yet, are we?

They have PT Cruisers in England?


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