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Class Recap: ‘Detained’ Knocks The Class Crew Out Of Space And Time For The Ultimate Detention

Can you set an entire episode of a relatively new sci-fi show in a single room and make it work? Class showrunner Patrick Ness proves it possible this week with an excellent sixth installment in the series, appropriately titled “Detained.”

Collectively sentenced to an hour-long detention by Miss Quill, Charlie, Tanya, Ram, April, and Matteusz find themselves locked in a Coal Hill classroom together after school. Immediately, we know that Quill is getting them out of the way for some larger, self-interested purpose. What isn’t clear is how long she actually intends to keep them there. Charlie, terrified of enclosed spaces, freaks out—but April has a key… and terrible timing. As she opens the door to free them, a classic Coal Hill tear in space/time opens and something flies through. There’s an explosion and the entire classroom, with everyone in it, is knocked loose from both space and time.


Lying on the floor by the wall is the object that caused them to become dislodged: a glowing orange meteor with the power to: a) Extract the truth from anyone who touches is; b) Make everyone in its presence really, really angry; and c) Imprison the guiltiest person in the room—for, like, ever.

Demanding painful confessions in exchange for answers about their current predicament, the rock/prison gets Tanya to admit that she feels like an outsider, makes Ram confess his love for April and April to admit she doesn’t feel as strongly about him, and forces Matteusz to tell Charlie that he’s afraid of him. The escalating agony of each confession earns them answers, but also causes the tension in the room to rise to a dangerous level. Continue, and they’ll end up confessing each other to death. The only person immune from the anger (though not the hurt) is Charlie—the Rhodian among four humans.


Taking the meteor in his own hands, Charlie battles the prisoner trapped in it, demanding a confession from him. In the end, Charlie wins. Sort of. The resulting second explosion returns the classroom to Coal Hill. The downside is that his prize is to take the prisoner’s place inside the rock jail. But just as he’s about to be sucked into the abyss, Quill returns for one final rescue in her role as Charlie’s protector, blasting the prison to pieces with her gun. That’s right, we said gun. Tossing Charlie the implant that formerly occupied her skull, she warns him that things are going to be different from now on.

A Quill with free will? What a bad time to be the only Rhodian left in the universe. Like Charlie, we’ve got questions:

Miss Quill has a mostly healed surgery scar and much longer hair—um, exactly how long were her students stuck in detention for?

With the implant out of her head and a gun back in her hands, what’s the next step in Quill’s plan? Surely she’s not going to stay on at Coal Hill… unless that was part of the deal she made with the mysterious Governors.

Will Ram and April’s breakup actually take? They were a couple for only 1.5 episodes! It’s like that romantic trip to The Underneath meant NOTHING.

Without Quill as his protector, will Charlie have to take some sort of self-defense course, get his own flat, and master Earthly pop cultural references? (Lesson one: no, Narnia is NOT in Canada.)



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