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Civil War Battle Lines Have Been Drawn, Whose Side Are You On?



Any comics’ fan worth their salt already knew that there was a rift on the horizon of the Marvel Cinematic Universe. It was already assumed that the respective ring-leaders would be Robert Downey Jr.’s Iron Man and Chris Evans’ Captain America in the next installment of the Captain America franchise, but thanks this released concept art, we now we have a closer look at who’s against who in the ever-expanding superhero universe.


Iron Man appears to be cozying up with Black Widow, War Machine, Vision and Black Panther on one side. Meanwhile, on team Steve Rogers, Hawkeye, Bucky, Sharon Carter, Falcon and Ant-Man (you might have missed him perched Hawkeye’s shoulder) are posing as the resistance. The issue that splits the superheroes in the comics is a proposed “superhero registration act”, which has teammates, friends and even families split. Interestingly, Elizabeth Olsen’s Scarlet Witch (who played a large part in both the last Avengers film-installment, and in the Marvel Comics event which helped build up to Civil War) isn’t shown. The absence of Thor, Hulk and a few other heavy-hitters could mean that Marvel is leaning-heavily on some of its new MCU-recruits.


Presumably, they will all sort out their differences, so they can once again enjoy shwarma together like the big, superhero-family we’ve come to know and love, but not before punching each other in the face a bunch.