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5 Simple CES Gizmos That Will Improve Your Life

Let’s face it, the increasing prevalence of technology has its pros and cons. While most of the recent breakthroughs are designed to make life easier, they also have a way of filling our lives with clutter, chaos, and confusion. However, by keeping things simple, some of the gizmos unveiled at this week’s CES 2016 offer increased convenience—with no discernible drawbacks. Here are five of the highlights.



Roughly the size of a jump drive, this wearable translator gets the job done with a single button. If it works well, Ili could prove to be the perfect marriage of convenience and simplicity.



Converting analog text into digital form still requires a tedious task most writers know all too well: transcribing. By learning the ins and outs of your personal handwriting style, this gadget promises to offer an instant (and accurate!) transition.

Clever Pet


If there’s one dog behaviour that seems to defy training, it’s eating. But if your pet’s voracious appetite is becoming a problem, it’s time for Clever Pet, a device that helps your canine get a grip on portion control.



Whether you’re stricken by drought or exorbitant hydro bills, Droppler is here to help. Tracking your water usage, this device helps you keep waste to a minimum.

Smart shoes


For roughly $350, this futuristic shoe from Digitsole offers an integrated heating system, motion tracking, wireless charging, and shock absorption measurement. If only it could tie your laces for you—oh wait, it can do that too!