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5 CES Gadgets You’ll Never Be Able To Afford

The Consumer Electronics Show is all about window-shopping and enjoying the occasional demo of new tech. If this event was a more active marketplace, there’s a good chance most attendees would be priced out of the festivities. Taking advantage of consumers anxious to own the next big thing, companies tend to launch their cutting edge products at inflated prices—and some of those prices never drop. With that in mind, here are five CES breakthroughs you probably won’t be buying any time soon.

1. EHang 184


If the drone obsession of recent years is a sign of things to come, we can expect our skies to be saturated with these devices in the near future. Thanks to the human-sized EHang 184, some very wealthy people may go along for the ride.

2. Samsung Family Hub


If you’re willing to pay more for a fridge than a computer, consider the Samsung Family Hub. This smart fridge lets you know when your supplies are dwindling or your milk has gone bad. You can also search for recipes and order the ingredients you need—directly from the 21.5-inch door display.

3. Audeze LCD-4


Having recently entered into a partnership with Apple, Audeze may be the gold standard in headphones. Offering features you probably don’t even understand (including “unique Double Fluxor magnet arrays for the most powerful magnetic flux density in existence”), the $4,000 LCD-4 is not remotely affordable.

4. BUDD-e

A triumph of interior design (see the image at the top of the page), BUDD-e has been described as a “gateway to the future.” This Volkswagen is full of space, tables, touch-screen panels, and it even recognizes your voice. So no, you probably can’t afford it.

5. Dodge Challenger SRT video game controller


It turns out you can drive the Dodge Challenger SRT around the track without even leaving your garage. Of course, it’s probably not feasible to invest $46,000 in a video game controller.