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We’re Totally Behind A Cats Vs. Zombies Z Nation Spinoff

Who needs Batman v Superman when you’ve got hordes of undead brain-munchers facing off against a pair of adorably lethal cats?

Created by Mr. TVCow as a promotion for the latest season of Z Nation—which you can watch on Space Fridays at 10e 7p—this clip makes Fear the Walking Dead look like amateur hour. Ok, well, not exactly, but it basically has everything you could ever want in a zombie spinoff, like…

Ridiculously cute cats in peril


Ridiculously cute cats holding binoculars


Ridiculously cute cats with MacGyver skills


Ridiculously cute cats firing machine guns


Ridiculously cute cats firing sniper rifles


Ridiculously cute cats dusting off mix tapes


Ridiculously cute cats blowing zombies into smithereens


And, uh oh, ridiculously cute zombie cats


Click here to watch Cats vs. Zombies at least nine times in a row.