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Captain Marvel May Join Forces With Babadook Director Jennifer Kent

Earlier this week, it was reported that recent Oscar winner Brie Larson is the frontrunner to star in Captain Marvel, Marvel’s first superhero movie starring a woman. With the studio also seeking a female to direct, a few frontrunners have been named, including Jennifer Kent, the skilled Australian behind The Babadook. Since that acclaimed film debuted in 2014, Kent has gone out of her way to avoid making a sequel or another horror movie, but what are the chances of her directing a superhero movie?

While Kent has yet to address this specific rumour, a new profile in The Guardian suggests that she has turned down a number of Hollywood projects. Asked if this includes any superhero movies, she neither confirms nor denies. “Possibly,” she said. “It’s funny, when I hear people crying about, ‘Oh, female directors are never offered these big tentpole films… what about Jennifer Kent? She’s not doing anything!,’ I sort of read it and chuckle because, well, you have no idea what’s going on at my end—what I’m actually saying no to.”

If Kent did turn down a superhero movie, we’re guessing it was Wonder Woman, but she probably hasn’t had a chance to reject Captain Marvel just yet. However, judging from her main sources of inspiration, it would be a surprising is she made the leap. “I remember David Lynch saying, ‘Just be very true to yourself and people will respond to that and give you money to do more,” she said, recalling his unpleasant attempt to go Hollywood with Dune. “People like him and Lars von Trier were my mentors by proxy when I was being offered all this stuff.”

Regardless of what she does next, Kent already has another promising Australian film (The Nightingale) scheduled for 2017. If you still haven’t seen The Babadook, be sure to check out the trailer below—and watch the movie as soon as possible.