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Bruce Is Back In This First Photo From Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Ash Vs. Evil Dead

Evil Dead fans are going to flip over this newly released photo of Bruce Campbell resuming his role as Ash Williams in Starz’ forthcoming television series Ash vs. Evil Dead.

evil dead

In this first glimpse of what’s to come from the new show, Ash is back and appearing shockingly unchanged since we last saw him take on hosts of Deadites in Army of Darkness. Hell, even his brown corduroys and blue shirt are the same. (It’s probably difficult to find a good tailor that knows how to cater to Ash’s unique, um, body type). And check out the woman on Ash’s left—see her nametag? Does the man who once time-travelled to the Middle Ages to rid the world of Deadites still stock housewares at S-Mart? Why yes, yes he does.

The new 10-episode series premieres this Hallowe’en and Campbell describes his character’s current state of being as “grizzled.”

“(He) just wants to be left alone,” the actor said in an interview with Entertainment Weekly. “He was perfectly happy doing basically nothing: telling lies about how he lost his hand in bars late at night. That was basically his MO. So, he’s not really the guy who should be dealing with this right now. But … he is. He’s our guy!”

Wondering how the Deadites managed to claw their way back to the land of the living? That’d be Ash’s fault. Again. “He’s the only one stupid enough to really tamper with those spirits,” says franchise creator Sam Raimi, who’ll direct the series’ premiere. “And he does. But he’s also still a really good monster fighter. So, he’s also going to be kicking some Deadite buttocks, if you’ll pardon the French.”

Season one of Ash vs. Evil Dead is currently filming in New Zealand. Raimi and Campbell are aiming for a five-season run so expect a whole lot of evil in your TV-viewing future.