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Before Blade Runner 2049 Drops, Let’s Remember How Awesome The Original Is

Blade Runner 2049 is getting some incredible early reviews from the lucky few who’ve already seen Denis Villeneuve’s long-awaited sequel, but this weekend Space and InnerSpace will take fans back (wait, forward?) to 2019 to revisit Ridley Scott’s neo-noir sci-fi masterpiece, the original Blade Runner.

The broadcast will include behind-the-scenes glimpses of the new film and interviews with the 2049 cast, all hosted by the illustrious InnerSpace crew. Saturday’s event will also kick off Blade Runner 2049 week, featuring even more interviews on InnerSpace all week long (look out for even more content right here, as well as our review).

To help get in the mood for Saturday’s big rewatch at 9e 6p, we’re listing off some of the awesome things that Scott introduced us to in his 1982 film (we’re always in the mood, but this time it’s just a bit extra). Here are a few of our favourite Blade Runner things:


1. Douglas Trumbull’s mega-rad set design

Trumbull built all the cityscapes in miniature, though you’d never know it to see them on film.


2. Rutger Hauer’s career-making performance

As Replicant Roy Batty, Hauer delivered some moving monologues—especially his epic ‘tears in rain’ speech near the film’s end.


3. Rachel’s cigarette habit

We know it’s kinda gauche these days, but we can’t help it, there’s just something so cool about a smoking robot.


4. The completely creepy and completely plausible look at a dystopian Los Angeles

A California metropolis without sunshine? What must the rest of the world look like?!?


5. The futuristic tech that seemed so cutting-edge back in 1982

And manages to still look extremely cool today.


6. Pris’ unforgettable death scene

First she tries to strangle Deckard with her thighs, then she modern dances her way into Replicant heaven (if that’s a thing).


7. The ‘Is he or isn’t he?’ mystery that certain cuts of the movie left us with

Is Deckard a Replicant? Ridley Scott has said that he is, but what answers does the new film have in store?


Take a break from perfecting your origami unicorns to watch the original Blade Runner and some killer Blade Runner 2049 interviews) this Saturday at 9e 6p on Space.