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Space’s 5 Most Memorable Moments of 2018


It’s been a wild year in the world of Space, with both highs and lows from new series and old. Some of our favourite characters saw huge wins, big changes, and a few devastating losses—which is exactly what makes for great television. Here are five HUGE moments we’ll be thinking about until these shows return next season.


The Star Trek: Discovery Mirror Universe Reveal


Trekkies were super psyched when a much talked-about Star Trek concept hit the screen for the first time during Discovery’s debut season. The clues accumulated during the first half of the show, and keen fans began constructing their theories. But when the mirror universe was finally revealed (along with mirror universe characters who were long dead in the prime universe), the show didn’t fail to impress us and the reveal resulted in a super compelling second act.


That Castle Rock Twist


While hypotheses about the Mirror Universe were floating around before Discovery’s mid-season switch, we’d wager that most fans didn’t see this curve ball coming. Castle Rock’s epic ending made us doubt everything we’d believed about the series and its characters. TBH, we’re still shook—and we can’t wait to see the ways the show scrambles our brains in 2019.


Team Earp’s Crushing Loss


We’re not sure we’re even ready to talk about this one yet. Our beloved Xavier Dolls, Wynonna’s teammate, protector, and on-and-off love interest, lost his life in one final act of bravery that guaranteed that the Earp sisters and their allies would live to fight demons another day. IRL, Shamier Anderson went on to have a role opposite Nicole Kidman in Destroyer at this year’s TIFF, so it’s not all sad news.


The Lady’s Surprise Killjoys Victory


We went into the season finale of Killjoys expecting a big Team Awesome Force win… so imagine our collective surprise when the Lady triumphed over all of Westerly including Johnny, D’avin, and Dutch, whose memories have all been wiped clean. It’s the Lady’s world now—these new Killjoy zombies just live in it. As for Aneela, she’s trapped in a crumbling green universe with no feasible way out. What. The. Hell.


The New Doctor’s Debut


After nearly a full year of hints, rumours, and a trickle of teasers, we finally got to see the new Doctor—the first woman to play the role in Doctor Who herstory. The casting decision was a big leap forward (and that’s saying something for a show that takes a lot of leaps forward) and a win for fans. Jodie Whittaker’s first season at the helm of the TARDIS has officially left us wanting more. See you on New Year’s Day.