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Benedict Cumberbatch Has One Major Infinity War Regret

Like a high percentage of the characters in Avengers: Infinity War, Doctor Strange went through some tough times in that film. While we won’t spoil the specifics here—for the five readers who have yet to see Marvel’s most volatile epic—we can say that Benedict Cumberbatch has one major regret about his character’s fate: he never got to experience it with a paying audience.

“My biggest regret of that whole time is that I didn’t sneak in to see people’s reaction,” he told Uproxx. “I wish I had. I really do. I really wish I’d done that. And I think it was such a long press tour, by the time my family got me home I was well and truly on holiday and with them. Or was I working? Geez, I can’t even remember anymore. I think I had a tiny break and then I was riding into doing a TV drama about Brexit. But yeah, it’s my biggest regret of that whole experience. And there aren’t that many regrets because it was a wild ride.”

According to Cumberbatch, several of his fellow Avengers did find time to experience Infinity War during its theatrical run. “I think Tom Holland did it,” he said. “I know Mark Ruffalo took his children because he then FaceTimed us from the cinema. His teenage children’s friends are running in the aisles going, ‘No, what’s happening!?!?’ The universe had crashed around him, which is really cruel, but kind of really enjoyable. Do you know what I mean? It’s just great that storytelling in tentpole film of a franchise can have that kind of an impact and kind of a visceral reaction… my wife was in shock, you know? She still is. She can’t get over it.”

The Avengers saga continues on May 3, 2019 when the next instalment arrives in theatres. Check out the Infinity War trailer below.