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Believe It Or Not, Ben Affleck Doesn’t Completely Hate Daredevil


Ben Affleck’s future in superhero movies gets more uncertain every day, but there’s at least one reality that’s never going to change: his first foray into the subgenre came in 2003’s Daredevil. While the actor rarely has anything good to say about that movie, a video posted earlier today—featuring an old interview with Affleck—offers intriguing insight into the very real passion that fuelled this very flawed movie.

“This character I played was a superhero and of course there was a bunch of fantastical stuff attached to that,” Affleck says. “But that was less interesting to learn about than really learning what it felt like to be a person who had lost their sight, how they experience the world, how their other senses change. One of the things that I really cared about in that movie was not just sort of looking blind or coming across blind, but knowing what it felt like.”

Affleck also credits his blind consultant with helping bring real world credibility to a comic book creation. “Tom Sullivan talked to me about blindness and how he moved and how he counted money and what his house looked like and what his day-to-day routine was and how he felt about himself and how he felt about others and what the blind community was like,” he explains. “He was really patient with me and really helped me understand something that I thought was really interesting artistically. I thought that was the most interesting thing about the movie, frankly. A lot of other stuff in the movie was kinda silly.”

Silly or not, Daredevil just celebrated its 15th anniversary. For a reminder of its pre-MCU take on the superhero movie, check out the trailer below.