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Bazillion Dollar Club Brings Reality TV To The Tech World

Move over, housewives, magicians, and naked daters. Bazillion Dollar Club is taking reality television into the offices, warehouses, and converted garages of Silicon Valley’s startups to show all you tech-minded geniuses what it takes to turn your idea into, well, a bazillion dollar business.


Hosted by accelerator veterans Dave McClure and Brady Forrest, the six-episode show will follow six different tech startups are they try to bring a universe-altering new product to market. But don’t expect to see a bunch of CEOs swilling wine spritzers or making out with the competition.

“[The show] is trying to be a little more real—less nightclubs and more about product and raising money,” McClure said in a recent interview with TechCrunch.

“Startups, you don’t have to manufacture drama. They’re already making tough choices with very little money that’s going to run out in a couple of months.” adds his co-host Forrest. “These are real companies.”

So more elevator pitches, product demos, and desperate pleas for funding rather than reality TV’s typical love triangles, drinking games, and desperate pleas to not be voted off the island.

The show is trying to stand out from those other startup-based reality shows too. “When you see other Silicon Valley reality shows you don’t actually see how the product is made,” says Forrest. “You get this great, drama-full moment which is awesome. It’s pretty magical to watch. But it doesn’t represent the tough decisions, the doubt, the lucky breaks leading up to it and that is what we show with the show.”

Bazillion Dollar Club premieres Tuesday September 22 at 10e 7p on Space. Meet the show’s hosts in the trailer below: