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Step Aside, Boys: ‘Bayonetta’ Is Coming To Nintendo Switch


Are you a fan of magical hack-and-slash adventures featuring tons of guns and demons? Then you’re already excited for Bayonetta 1 and 2’s upcoming remastered release for the Nintendo Switch.

February 16 (yes, this coming Friday) marks the first time since 2014 that the Bayonetta games have been released (or re-released) to a Nintendo console and we’re excited for the changes this’ll bring. The most significant upgrades to this version of the game will be improved framerates that will be upgraded from the fluctuating 30-60FPS of the Wii U, and the ability to use compatible amiibo to unlock costumes from other Nintendo properties.

The Bayonetta games follow a shapeshifting witch as she uses firearms and magical attacks to dispatch her enemies, all while occasionally summoning demons to help her via her very long dark hair. Originally released in North America way back in 2010, each level of the game grades players based on their performances, thus making each run-through different. Although fans are still awaiting more news of the third, recently teased, entry in the franchise, these updated graphics and bonuses on the Switch should be enough to hold the cravings off for a little while longer.

We recommend that you treat yourself this Valentine’s Day by getting it. Check out the trailer below.