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How Many People Has Batman Killed?

Say what you want about Batman’s code of honour, the guy has done all kinds of killing over the years. Rather than spend the better part of a day counting all those well-intentioned murders, you can see every single one compiled in a new video by Mr Sunday Movies. Entitled Batman Kill Count, this three-minute video suggests that the Caped Crusader ended exactly 45 lives during his assorted live action adventures, though it should be noted that not every one of these is a conclusive kill. People who explode, get crushed, or transform into anti-matter after being kicked rarely go on to live fruitful lives, but survival is not entirely outside the realm of possibility.


If you’re a devoted Batman fan, this video is unlikely to reveal anything new, but some intriguing patterns emerge. For one, the first films in both the Tim Burton and Christopher Nolan franchises are easily Batman’s most violent movies. In 1989’s Batman, he takes down a staggering 17 villains (more than one third of his live action death toll), culminating in the Joker’s high altitude demise. The character mellowed in subsequent films, killing just three people in Batman Returns and none in Batman & Robin, a choice that leaves this video mercifully Clooney-free. As for Adam West, it initially seems that 1966’s immortal Batman has been forgotten, but if you stick around until the end, you’ll witness the character’s least unsettling murder thus far.