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7 Superheroes You’ll Only See In Batkid Begins

batkid begins

batkid begins

On November 15, 2014, the city of San Francisco hosted a group of real life superheroes who, together, were braver, kinder, and more generous than any Marvel or DC supersquad could ever hope to be. Their cause: a five-year-old boy who’d battled leukemia into remission. Their mission: let him be Batman for a day, and turn the downtown core into his own Gotham City. The entire caper is chronicled in the new documentary Batkid Begins. Here are just seven of the film’s huge cast of standout superheroes—you’ll have to head to the theatre to meet the rest.

1. Miles Scott


Superpower: super strength, super bravery

When he was only 19 months old, Miles was diagnosed with leukemia and had to endure years of difficult treatment. When his cancer went into remission last fall, his parents decided it was the right time to fulfil Miles’ Make-A-Wish: to be (not meet or dress up as) his favourite superhero: Batman!

2. Patricia Wilson


Superpower: super planner, invincible organizer

The Make-A-Wish Greater Bay Area CEO was the driving force behind making Miles’ wish to be Batman a reality. What didn’t know was how involved the wish would get and how many people would step up to help her out, providing her with everything she needed to pull off the day—far more than she’d asked for.

3. Eric Johnston


Superpower: mad scientist inventor and super stuntman

Patricia’s pal Eric was chosen to play the grownup Batman to Miles’ Batkid. A trained stuntman, Eric used his connections to get Miles a day of “superhero training” at San Francisco’s circus school. He tapped into his technical skills to invent an armband projector that he used to show Miles the urgent requests for help from the city’s Police Chief and Mayor on the big day.

4. The San Francisco Opera Costume Department


Superpower: super sewers

A superkid called James Coyne donated the professional-looking Batkid suit he’d made with with his dad for a past Halloween but when a decent adult-sized suit could not be sourced, the opera company’s talented costume department came to the rescue, pulling unpaid all-nighters to create costumes for Batman, The Riddler, and the Penguin.

5. Hans Zimmer

Superpower: super sonic sound-maker

When the Oscar-winner and Dark Knight trilogy composer heard about Miles’ wish he was impressed—so impressed that he wrote Batkid his own score.

6. Mike Jutan


Superpower: super enthusiasm

While he may have played the villain to Miles’ hero, this Hamilton Ontario native and LucasFilm visual effects guy brought a lot of goodness to the project. Not only did he do a perfect Penguin, he also had a role in promoting the event on Twitter and Facebook. Make-A-Wish had expected 200 people to come out and support Miles. After the wish went viral, 25,000 showed up.

7. John and Marcia Goldman

John and Marcia

Superpower: super generosity

This dynamic duo are San Francisco’s super philanthropists. As Batkid’s wish was broadcast across social media channels, it got bigger and bigger, requiring the city of San Francisco to shut down streets, hire extra police, and rent the proper equipment to accommodate the massive crowds. The tab ended up being around $105,000. The Goldmans covered it so that the city didn’t have to.

Batkid Begins is in theatres July 10. Check out the trailer below: