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Tired Of Tangled Earbuds? There’s Going To Be A New Way To Listen To Music



You set your earbuds down for a second, then turn around and they’re suddenly tangled. Sound familiar? Luckily, you can throw those old earbuds away—the Batband is coming.

According to Pixable, the Batband “is a wireless, earphone-less headphone that works off your cellphone’s bluetooth. It has simple buttons on the left and right side that allow you to skip tracks, turn up the volume and answer calls.”

Basically, it’s a hands-free device. Now, you can enjoy the world around you, instead of always staring at your phone screen like it holds the key to life.

If you like to know exactly how things work, here’s a diagram from Batband’s Kickstarter page. FYI, the Batband has already well-exceeded its $150,000 goal, and still has 41 more days to go.


The Batband is being developed by Studio Banana Things (yes, really), and the company explains they created the product “to compliment your busy lifestyle while enabling you to hear twice as much.” Unlike earbuds or over-the-ear headphones, the Batband is designed for maximum comfort, complete with inner padding lining the device. This way, you can listen to your music longer, without hurting your ears and/or head.

However, you don’t just have to use the Batband for listening to music. Studio Banana Things listed several reasons people would want to own the Batband.


If you’re more of a visual learner (like me), here are the Batband’s features.


You can pre-order the Batband through its Kickstarter page. The estimated delivery is April 2016.