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InnerSpace Learns All About The Making Of Ballerina

Weeknights 7e 4p

A new animated film, Ballerina, follows the story of Félicie—a young orphan from France with a passion for dance. With help from her best friend Victor, they escape from their orphanage and find their way to The City of Light, where Félicie follows her dream of dancing at the Paris Opera Ballet.

InnerSpace travelled to Montreal to visit L’Atelier Animation, the studio behind the production of the film.

Fun fact: Ballerina is the first film created at L’Atelier Animation, and the story was so special they created the studio around the production of the movie.

Lending their voices to the flick are super-stars Carly Rae Jepson, Dane DeHann, dance royalty Maddie Ziegler, and ballet enthusiast Elle Fanning.

“When we first thought about who would be our voices, for Félicie we tried to find someone who knew about ballet and who knew about dancing. We did some research and discovered that Elle Fanning was really passionate about ballet so that’s how we first approached her,” explains one of the film’s producers, Valérie d’Auteuil.

Further proof Fanning can piqué turn like a pro:

The animation team on the film also gave us a closer look at how they brought the dancing to life:

L’Atelier’s Animation Director Ted Ty explains, “There are different types of animation, from video game animation to television animation. What we do here is feature animation. There is a more refinement in the expression because we are trying to relate emotion to the audience to make them react a certain way, whether they are sad or happy. It takes a lot of study and a new part of animation work flow is the artists use video of themselves and we pick the best takes with the best emotional intention. We put that into the computer and observe it frame by frame and move it into what we call key frame animation.”

“We have a slightly different perspective here in Canada as well in Montreal. In the US [they] have a very definite idea on the look of a film or the audiences and here we are able to step back and have the luxury of having a slightly different perspective,” he says.

Catch Ballerina when it dances into theatres March 3. Until then, check out the trailer below: