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The Avengers: Infinity War Blu-ray Breaks Down The MCU’s Biggest Battles


A movie as big as Avengers: Infinity War deserves behind-the-scenes extras and featurettes that are just as big, and for the most part the Infinity War Blu-ray (which drops August 14) gives us just that. It’s got Robert Downey Jr. It’s got three out of the four Hollywood Chrises. It’s got directors Joe and Anthony Russo—and they all do their part to help take us through what went into making MCU’s most ambitious project to date.

From deleted scenes to taking heads, we’re breaking down every aspect of Infinity War’s Blu-ray extras so that you can mentally and emotionally prepare yourself before buying a copy of your own.



Out of all the Infinity War Blu-ray extras, we’re most excited to go back and watch two longer-than-usual featurettes titled “Beyond the Battle.” In the first “Beyond the Battle” featurette, the Infinity War cast and crew talk about the work that went into writing, shooting, and editing all the scenes that take place on Thanos’ home planet, Titan.

From VFX supervisor Dan DeLeeuw’s tidbits about shooting at Atlanta’s Pinewood Studios to the Russos’ walkthrough of Thanos and Doctor Strange’s fight scene (which was originally two times longer than the final film version), “Beyond the Battle: Titan” expertly breaks down the anatomy of a great fight scene, from script to stunt coordination to post-production.

In “Beyond the Battle: Wakanda,” the Russos delve into the importance of keeping a movie as big as Infinity War emotionally grounded and character-driven and listening to the cast’s needs and suggestions in order to do so. Case in point: the Blu-ray gives us footage of Winston Duke (M’Baku) suggesting that he and the other members of the Wakandan army use a battle chant more aggressive than the version the Russos originally wanted.

We also get to see Chris Hemsworth (Thor) admitting to being worried that Infinity War would undo the work Taika Waititi put in to develop his character in Thor: Ragnarok. Thankfully, the Russos made sure to keep the new and improved Thor intact.

The Legacy


Avengers: Infinity War came out almost exactly 10 years after Iron Man, the film that kicked off the MCU and introduced us to some of our now-favourite characters. So Marvel, naturally, chose to commemorate this milestone by throwing in a couple featurettes that highlight how the MCU has grown and evolved over the course of the past decade.

Check out “Strange Alchemy” if you’re interested in hearing what the Russos and Marvel Studios president Kevin Feige have to say about making Infinity War the critical and commercial success that it was. After watching Feige and the Russos discuss the thrill of seeing beloved franchise characters meet each other for the first time, we can’t deny the fact that they care about the MCU just as much as we do. It’s reassuring and kind of sweet.

To find out more about how Thanos’ brief Avengers mid-credits cameo eventually turned into a full-fledged starring role in Infinity War, watch “The Mad Titan.” Feige, the Russos, Josh Brolin (Thanos), Zoe Saldana (Gamora) and executive producer Louis D’Esposito provide interesting insight into why Thanos is both the most daunting and most complex villain the MCU has ever seen, with D’Esposito even going so far as to describe Thanos as an “ecoterrorist.”

The Deleted Scenes


Usually deleted scenes make us mad because they give us brief glimpses into all the cool character moments and extended fight scenes that could have been. The Infinity War deleted scenes, on the other hand, make us appreciated how tightly plotted the final version, sans deleted scenes, truly is.

The first three deleted scenes—an extended version of the Tony Stark/Pepper Potts marriage conversation, an extended version of Wanda and Vision’s Scotland fight scene, and a music-filled, lighthearted sequence in which the Guardians realize they’ve missed dozens of panicked messages from Nebula—are all entertaining but wouldn’t have done much to advance the plot.

If there’s any deleted scene we would have kept in it’d have been the fourth one, titled “A Father’s Choice.” In the scene, present-day Gamora and Thanos witness an exchange between the Gamora and Thanos of years past. Gamora desperately tries to tell her old self—who seems perfectly content to help her adopted father carry out his twisted plans—to come to her senses, letting audiences in on the fact that Gamora wasn’t always as outwardly resentful of Thanos as she is now.

The Bloopers


We said the same thing about Black Panther’s Blu-ray bloopers, but can Marvel please make their gag reels longer? Infinity War’s got Tom Holland, Letitia Wright, RDJ and the objective king of blooper reels, Chris Pratt—we’d bet money that there are enough bloopers out there to make up a reel at least twice as long as the version we get on the Blu-ray.

Nevertheless, the bloopers we do get are pretty great. Highlights include Scarlett Johansson using an on-set fan to create her own impromptu L’Oréal commercial, a bleating goat interrupting a very serious moment between T’Challa and Okoye, and Anthony Mackie promising to channel his inner Denzel.

On August 14, Avengers: Infinity War will be available in Ultra HD Blu-ray, Blu-ray, DVD, and digital download. Check out the official Infinity War home release trailer below.