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Watch Your Fave Avengers Make Out Over And Over

Everyone knows that the Avengers might gripe about each other and even occasionally engage in Civil War against each other, but deep down they’re all a big happy family full of superheroes who want to kiss and snuggle. And clearly no one knows that better than the actors who play them, judging by the most recent gag reel from Avengers: Age of Ultron that Marvel Studios has released onto the internet.

But of course, just watching a quick second of make outs will simply not do—we need to be able to revisit them over and over again on a constant loop without having to rewind on YouTube every time, right? Luckily, MTV News has super GIF-ing powers for just this occasion. Let’s break ’em all down:

Cap/Tony (AKA Stony)


Black Widow/Ultron


Black Widow/Hulk (AKA Brucetasha)


Tony/Bruce (AKA Science Bros)


And finally, Thor/Vision