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5 Insane Things Jesse Eisenberg Uses To Kill People In American Ultra

american ultra

elevation pictures

Fans of The Bourne Identity, Pineapple Express, and True Romance have good reason to be excited for American Ultra. Directed by Nima Nourizadeh (Project X) and written by Max Landis (Chronicle scribe and son of legendary filmmaker John Landis), this funny, bloody, and remarkably sweet action-stoner-comedy rolls all three aforementioned flicks into one juicy spliff, and then sparks it with a flamethrower.

The film follows the unexciting events of stressed-out small-town stoner Mike (Jesse Eisenberg), who’s even too anxious to take his girlfriend Phoebe (Kristen Stewart) on a Hawaiian vacation. But anyone who’s seen the trailer for American Ultra knows there’s more to Mike than meets the bloodshot eye. He’s actually a ridiculously skilled sleeper agent who just doesn’t know it yet. All this changes when Mike is confronted by two dudes sent by the CIA to eliminate him, just as his killer instincts are reactivated.

Once Mike’s abilities return, American Ultra spirals into an unrelenting, ultra-violent action movie in which any unassuming object can be wielded as a deadly weapon. Here’s just a small sampling of some of the ordinary household items Mike uses to brutally dispatch his enemies.

A spoon

american ultra

“I took a spoon and I just shoved it through this guy,” a perplexed Mike tells Phoebe over the phone following the first of many deadly confrontations. Easily the least effective dining utensil, this just goes to show how proficient a killer Mike is.

A Cup of Noodles


Before plunging a spoon down an attacker’s  throat, Mike disarms another guy by splashes a scalding-hot Cup of Noodles in their face. Cinema has seen a lot of beverages thrown in people’s faces during a fight, but this is a first. Delicious, discounted, and deadly.

A frying pan

american ultra

Not your typical frying pan to the head tactic. Using his state-of-the-art geometric smarts, Mike tosses a frying pan into the air and fires a bullet directly at it, which then ricochets into an unsuspecting assassin. Very slick.

A bag of frozen burgers

American Ultra

The film’s climactic battle occurs in a Walmart-esque supermarket called Max’s Goods, a place rife with unconventional weaponry. One of Mike’s oddest instruments of execution is a frozen stack of burgers that he uses to bash his enemies’ brains in. Hopefully this behind-the-scenes pic does the sequence justice.

A mascara pen

Mascara can do wonders for your lashes, but in the hands of a government agent it can be lethal, as evinced the clip above. Equally deadly: demo lightbulbs, a duster pan, and canned goods.

American Ultra blazes into theatres today. Check out the red band trailer below: