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Ajay’s Favourite Spock Episode


star trek

Weeknights 7e 4p

I don’t understand how “Mirror, Mirror” was still an option when it was my turn to select a favourite Spock-centric Star Trek episode. “Amok Time” is a good choice given it’s all about Spock, it’s our only visit to Vulcan in TOS, and it’s where we first saw the Vulcan salute; and “Tholian Web” sees Spock in the captain’s chair. But, for me, “Mirror Mirror” has it all times two and a bag of chips!

I mean… and a Van Dyke Beard! What’s not to love?!?

But really, folks, the episode and the introduction of “Evil Spock” was so memorable it’s been copied, parodied, and plagiarized by basically every serialized sci-fi and/or fantasy series that’s survived more than three seasons. Simpsons, Community, Stargate, Supernatural… you name it.

Even people who’ve never even seen the episode understand that when a character we know and love appears with a Goatee–it means they’ve turned evil or have arrived from a parallel universe.

While Leonard Nimoy didn’t have a whole lot to work with (as the episode focused more on Kirk and the away team aboard the ISS Enterprise), he kept our full attention as his alternate universe counterpart. He got to show off his acting range in a way he hadn’t had chance to yet with the otherwise reserved character. And we loved it.

That’s why “Mirror, Mirror” is my top choice for this Sunday’s marathon. What’s yours???