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Get Spooked By Ajay’s 2015 Halloween Horror Short

Weeknights 7e 4p

Earlier this week on InnerSpace, we profiled a new company called Spacefy, which puts creative artists in touch with creative spaces that can be rented.

To highlight the types of spaces you can rent through the service and what you can do with them, we decided to shoot our own little horror film at a beautiful condo apartment in Toronto’s Junction neighborhood..

My producer, Amy Pags, hit me with some ideas–and certain restrictions:

>We had only ourselves as actors. One man plus one woman.
>We had to showcase the size of this beautiful condo.
>We had to make it scary for Halloween.
>We had to keep it short.
>We had a limited amount of time to shoot the film (two hours, tops).

So with all of that in mind, here’s what we came up with.

Watch it first before reading below:

Given our restrictions, I think it turned out really swell.

We shot it in about an hour and a half, showcased about 60 per cent of the floorspace of the condo (would’ve been really difficult to have our camera operator go backwards up the stairs), kept it short (about two minutes), and featured only myself and Amy. I think it’s creepy–maybe even a little scary?

In addition to coming up with the concept of the wedding rings being the central storytelling device, I also wrote the original poem that accompanies the short, while Amy delivered a creepy, whispering reading of it. It managed to spook me out everytime I heard it. I heard it a lot, too, as I edited the whole video myself.

We didn’t record any audio on the day, so every breath and footstep you hear were put into place by yours truly. I also did a dirty de-saturation colour balance and some Photoshop work on Amy’s eyes at the end.

Anyway, hope you enjoy it and have yourself a very happy Halloween!

P.S. If you’re not too scared, here’s my Halloween short from last year: