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A Very Teddy Christmas Blog



Weeknights 7e 4p


It’s Teddy! From InnerSpace. (In case there’s another Teddy in your life. Oh man, I hope he’s not tall and good looking). He is, isn’t he? Ah, crap.


The convicted criminals (misdemeanors….mostly) who run our Space website asked me to write a blog. Seeing as I’m contractually obligated to do their bidding—and seeing as I’m actually quite afraid of them, I will, in the cyberspace below, write said blog.

The topic, you ask? The Keystone XL Pipeline.

Kidding! Or am I???

I am.

The real topic? (You ask, again.)


Alright, let’s get the blog oil flowing through this content pipeline! (Questions provided by my internet overlords.)

What do I want for Christmas?

Honestly, I never really ask for much for Christmas. I share a small apartment with my lady, and we’re both massive geeks. Thusly, we both already have A LOT of geeky stuff in a relatively tiny space. And I legitimately live a simple life of going to movies and pubs (I love pubs), reading, watching TV, playing classic arcade games, and walking around (I still get a kick outta living in downtown Toronto). My actual, not-kidding, real wish list to my family this year was as follows: Cineplex gift certificate, Tim Horton’s and/or Starbucks gift certificate, LCBO gift certificate. For real.

HOWEVER, there are a few more things:

Stuff from ThinkGeek. My goodness, I love this website, and every time I’m on it I basically want everything they make.

A new bag. It ain’t sexy, but the bag I currently have is on its last legs, fraying and breaking apart (like my heart), and I do rely on it daily, so I’m in the market for a stylish but not TOO stylish over-the-shoulder-style man-purse bag with plenty of room and a bit of sass.

A new baseball glove. KIDDING! What would I possibly need that for?

What am I doing for the holidays?

I’m very fortunate this year to have a week and a half respite from my VERY hard and VERY taxing job hosting InnerSpace. For Xmas, and a few days before and after, I’ll be heading back to my childhood homestead in the violent middle-class suburbs of Ottawa: West Nepean represent!!! My parents (whom are sickeningly perfect) still live in the house where I grew up, and it’s so neat to be able to go back and spend time there. I have a fantastic brother and sister-in-law, a super-rad nephew who makes things like the Holidays come alive in the coolest way possible, and a very funny and loud extended family of life-long geeks. I’m actually the least geeky person in my family. One of the things we do over the holidays is play a massive game of Battletech in my uncle’s board game room (which contains probably the largest game-board on earth). We also usually watch one or all of The Lord of the Rings films. The nerdiness is in my Deoxyribonucleic Acid!

I’m also lucky to remain friends with a lot of my elementary and high school pals, and we always catch up over beer and terrible-for-us food during the Holidays. Good folks, all of ‘em.

What am I most excited for in 2015?

Woah. Good question. I’m easily excited, so the full list would be too lengthy, but here are a few choice picks:

Avengers: Age of Ultron
Star Wars: The Force Awakens
Every other cool sci-fi or horror flick being released in 2015
The next season of Orphan Black
The next season of Doctor Who
Travelling to Nashville and Memphis to explore the roots of blues and country music (which I’m doing in January)
Travelling to an all-inclusive resort to eat and drink and lie around and read (which I’m doing in February)
Going to genre conventions around the country (hoping to visit more of ‘em this year!) Working on InnerSpace. No BS, I love my job and consider myself one very, very lucky ‘lil dude.

Thank-you for all the support and love in 2014, I hope you and your family have a wonderful time over the holidays, and looking forward to seeing you next year!! The FUTURE!!!!! (I hope there aren’t Terminators).

Teddy OUT!