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The A-Team Is Ready For Another Reboot

The TV reboot train is still going strong, with 20th Century Fox having just announced they’re putting together a contemporary take on the vintage ’80s television series The A-Team. Wait, wasn’t there already a contemporary take on The A-Team in the form of a 2010 summer blockbuster. Why yes, there was, but these days even reboots gotta have reboots.


The Hollywood Reporter does offer a shred of enticing news about this even newer A-Team: it’ll be created by Fast & Furious writer-producer Chris Morgan, written by Sleepy Hollow executive producer Albert Kim, and directed by original A-Team creator Stephen J. Cannell’s daughter, Tawnia McKiernan.

Like the original crew, the latest A-Team will be comprised of former American special forces operatives-turned-mercenaries-for-hire, but preferably with more gender diversity. And I’m sure we can all agree Mr. T should definitely be involved.


While The A-Team has yet to land a network, it won’t be the only new series based on a previous TV show or film: we’ve also got Behind Enemy Lines, Training Day, The Notebook,  Friday the 13th,  Rush Hour, Limitless, Uncle Buck, and Minority Report , which premiered just last Monday on Fox.