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7 Small Hopes For Marvel’s First ‘Ant-Man’ Trailer

Marvel’s biggest movie yet, “Avengers: Age of Ultron,” is mere months away. Just a few tiny weeks after that, the studio’s tiniest movie yet, “Ant-Man,” arrives. And this week, we’re getting our first look at the smallest superhero on the block — and though he’s small in stature, our expectations are pretty big.

Here’s what we want to see from Marvel’s very first “Ant-Man” trailer:

Tiny Shirtless Paul Rudd

The guy packed on pounds of muscle to play Scott Lang, the master thief turned Marvel superhero. Let’s see some of that Chris Prattian transformation for ourselves… even if it’s in ant-sized form.

Ants! All of the Ants!

Rudd’s hero doesn’t just shrink down to ant-size, he communicates with the creatures as well. Given that “Guardians of the Galaxy” turned a tree and a raccoon into two of the most popular characters of 2014, we’re pretty hopeful that the same can be done for some awesome ants in 2015.

Wasp! All of the Wasp!

Evangeline Lilly’s character is Hope van Dyne, not Janet van Dyne, but it feels all but certain that she’ll eventually assume Janet’s mantle as Wasp. Seeing as Wasp is a founding Avenger in the comics, there’s no surer way to get deep-cut Marvel fans amped up than an early Wasp tease.

Family Matters!

No, not the show. (But maybe?) One of the unique angles about Scott Lang is that he’s our first Marvel superhero who is also a parent, at least as far as we know. Cassie Lang is a fan-favorite Marvel character, and she’s set to appear in “Ant-Man,” with her mother played by the great Judy Greer. Here’s hoping that both Cassie and Cassie’s mom are front and center in the first trailer.

Anything And Everything Michael Douglas

Doesn’t seem like too much to ask for, does it? Really, whatever Marvel wants to show off of Douglas should be more than enough. Just the very sight of an award-winning acting legend like Douglas operating in a Marvel movie will be enough of a pinch-me moment — especially if he’s suited up in Ant-Man armor, but we’re not counting on it.

The Yellowjacket Reveal

There have been some purported concept art leaks surrounding Scott Lang and Hank Pym’s nemesis, Darren Cross, played by “The Strain” actor Corey Stoll. Let’s confirm or deny those leaks with a first sighting of Yellowjacket right here in the first “Ant-Man” teaser.

How Does It All Connect?

As the final act of Marvel’s Phase Two, how does “Ant-Man” fit into the bigger picture of this cinematic universe? From casting, we know at least one way “Ant-Man” ties into the other Marvel movies: Peggy Carter and Howard Stark both have roles in the film. Seeing as the “Ant-Man” trailer is set to debut with the series premiere of “Agent Carter,” perhaps we’ll see Peggy as early as this first look at Marvel’s newest and Ruddiest hero.

Ant-Man” opens on July 17.