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6 Dark Matter Facts We Learned From The Cast At Fan Expo

During the opening day of this year’s Fan Expo, InnerSpace’s Ajay Fry and Teddy Wilson joined Dark Matter cast members Jodelle Ferland, Anthony Lemke, and Alex Mallari Jr. for an amusing look back at the show’s successful first season. Enjoying a well-deserved victory lap, the actors were warmly received by a standing-room only crowd—and they returned the favour by treating these fans to several memorable anecdotes. Here are just six of the intriguing facts we learned during the Q&A.


1. Amnesia isn’t that bad

Playing a group of characters with memory loss has its challenges, but the cast of Dark Matter has found that this conveniently echoes their experience making the show. “We were pretty much going through it like our characters were,” explained Ferland. “When we first started out, we were strangers, and then we become like a family, and it’s pretty much the same as the people on the Raza. I like getting our backstories bit by bit.”

2. Androids aren’t the show’s only victims

A member of the audience made the observation that the series is unusually loaded with android abuse. “Don’t ever be an android when you grow up, kid,” joked Lemke, before coming to his own defense. “I think it’s true the poor android got zapped, but have you watched the series, dude? I get beat up by absolutely everybody. I’m like below the android, so I want a little empathy coming this way.”

3. Those fight scenes take a toll

During the first season of Dark Matter, you may have noticed that Mallari is unusually adept in his fight scenes. It turns out there’s a good reason for this. “I spent my entire childhood doing tae kwan do at a very competitive level,” he revealed. “It was fun and it really helped for this role. I stopped after high school to play basketball, and so Dark Matter was the first time I threw a kick in a long time—and I just remember pulling my groin muscle.”

4. There’s no downside to working on a spaceship

When you watch a series like Dark Matter, it’s easy to forget that you’re watching actors do their job, but it turns out they’re extremely satisfied with their work environment. “You have no idea how happy it makes me,” said Ferland. “Every morning when I have to get up really early, I’m like, ‘Wait, I get to work on a spaceship today!’”

5. The actors are a lot like the fans

When it came time to shoot the memorable conclusion of season one, the cast was in the dark for almost as long as the people watching at home. “They made us wait so long to find out the ending,” said Ferland. “We already were just like so impatient to get the next script. Every time we got one, there’d be a cliffhanger and we’d be like, ‘Give us the next script!’ And then we got the last script, but we didn’t actually get the information because they decided to wait until we actually filmed it to tell us what happened.”

6. Nobody knows what’s next

As for those hoping to learn a few secrets about season two, Lemke was amused to report that he couldn’t deliver the goods, even if he wanted to. “Here’s the great thing. Right now, you guys know as much as we do. It is astounding how little we know about our characters.”