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5 Fresh Facts About Killjoys From Fan Expo


fan expo

Fan Expo is a great place to get caught up on all the shows that haven’t even aired yet. Yesterday, we gave you some new intel on Z Nation, a post-zombie-apocalypse drama debuting September 12 at 9e 6p on Space. And today we got a debrief on Killjoys, an upcoming Space original series due to premiere sometime in 2015. Set in a distant—and unstable—planetary system called Quad, the show follows three intergalactic bounty hunters as they travel through outer space fighting bad guys—and each other. The vigilantes will be portrayed by actors Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane, who were all on hand for today’s Fan Expo panel, hosted by InnerSpace‘s Morgan and Ajay. Here are five cool details they dropped.

1. There are secrets

After Morgan asked the actors to define their roles, MacFarlane started by explaining that his character, D’avin, “is very tough, very strong, and he’s got a really big secret.” Then John-Kamen described Dutch: apparently she’s a Killjoy Level 5 (which means she can kill for money—and also means she’s very tough) with a secret past. And as for Ashmore’s character, John, he doesn’t have secrets—but he’s trying to figure out other people’s secrets.

2. There’s a spaceship named Lucy

While all the actors were excited about Lucy, their talking spaceship, Ashmore was especially keen—after all, he’s the one that gets to drive her. But he might still need flying lessons: MacFarlane mentioned that Ashmore accidentally pulled off Lucy’s joystick the first time they were filming. “It was the first time I flew a spaceship, I was a little excited,” Ashmore joked. As for who will play the voice of Lucy, that’s still TBD, but Ashmore suggested Scarlett Johansson.

3. Each planet in Quad has a different function

Having only shot three episodes so far, the actors are still getting to know their characters and the milieu in which they live. But they were able to fill us in on the function of the various planets that make up Quad. Westerley is the industrial planet—that’s where the killjoys live. Leeth is more agrarian. And Kresh is the big planet where their bosses live. As for the fourth planet: the actors still don’t know about that one yet.

4. There are no aliens

Killjoys is a humans-only drama, so don’t expect aliens to be jumping out from behind any corners. These bounty hunters only chase people.

5. It’s badass

When asked to sum up the show in one word, John-Kamen said “badass”—a word that was bandied around a lot during the panel. Each of the characters have their own fighting style, meaning they’re each badass in their own way: Dutch is “like a snake” (as John-Kamen put it), D’avin is more into muay thai, and John is the boxer.

Check back here over the next few months for more info on Killjoys, which is due to premiere in 2015, or follow @Killjoys on Twitter for more up-to-minute updates.

For now, enjoy some pics from the panel!