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In the second season of Salem, the ruthless Mary Sibley imbues horrific events upon the town by completing the Grand Rite–a ritual that unleashed a devastating plague on Salem. While Mary may be in control and on the throne, she is challenged by adversaries old and new, including her former love John Alden (Shane West). Left for dead, Alden returns to put an end to Mary’s reign before she destroys everything, and everyone, in Salem.

  • Countess Marburg

    Countess Marburg

     - Lucy Lawless

    One of the only remaining descendants of an ancient and powerful line of European witches, Countess Marburg has her own agenda for Salem — and Mary Sibley.
  • Young Boy

    Young Boy

     - Oliver Bell

    When Mary’s son — long presumed dead — suddenly resurfaces, he triggers a desperate search for the truth around his mysterious past and true nature.
  • Isaac Waltonsa

    Isaac Waltonsa

     - Iddo Goldberg

    The town of Salem made an example of Isaac Walton for his indiscretions as a teenager, and he has to live with that reputation every day of his life as “Isaac the Fornicator.”  A lower class Driver, Isaac is responsible for ridding the town of all waste.  Handling Salem’s dirty work has piqued Isaacs’s interest in the town’s witch hunts and he learns quickly that certain things cannot be unseen.
  • Anne Hale

    Anne Hale

     - Tamzin Merchant

    A fearless girl, Anne Hale is a beautiful, talented artist with a perilous attraction to the newly arrived John Alden.   A passing vision that makes the ladies envious and men fall in love; Anne is always testing boundaries – so much so that it deeply concerns the Puritans.   Since she is the daughter of the powerful Magistrate Hale, people expect her to behave in a certain way.  However, Anne is a rebel who doesn’t like to play by the town’s old rules.
  • Mercy Lewis

    Mercy Lewis

     - Elise Eberle

    Reverend Lewis' powerful and vulnerable daughter, Mercy is mysteriously afflicted by a tormenter of unspeakable horror.  Seen as a victim of malice and witchcraft, her notoriety is starting to build amongst the town of Salem.
  • Tituba


     - Ashley Madekwe

    Mysterious and mysteriously ageless, Tituba is the indispensable helper to Mary Sibley, Salem’s most powerful woman. Tituba is ostensibly Mary’s servant in the Sibley household, but in private, behaves as if she’s Mary’s superior.  There is a great deal of history between Tituba and Mary – they have experienced unthinkable deeds throughout the years. Although closely tied to Mary, the beautiful and exotic Tituba has powers and secrets all her own.
  • Cotton Mather

    Cotton Mather

     - Seth Gabel

    Driven by secret obsessions and desire, Cotton Mather is the well-educated local aristocrat who fans the flames of Salem’s witch hunt.  The foremost expert on witches and malice, Cotton is responsible for the first bestseller published in America about the subject:  Glimpses of the Invisible World. But even as he is hunting witches, he lives under the shadow of his very famous father and agonizes about living up to him.  Cotton is a man of contradiction.  He is a God-fearing Believer that strives to uphold the law, and yet he has demons inside himself that he is too afraid to exorcise.
  • John Alden

    John Alden

     - Shane West

    Handsome, pragmatic and hardened war veteran John Alden is Mary’s onetime love interest who returns to his native Salem to find it consumed in a witch hunt frenzy.  Salem itself seems to have gone mad – civil liberties have been suspended, torture implemented – gripped by the fear and paranoia of recent witch hunts.  Alden doesn’t believe a bit of it.  He realizes that he must save Salem because Salem is the fate of the New World – and if he can, then Mary, too, will be saved.  
  • Mary Sibley

    Mary Sibley

     - Janet Montgomery

    Beautiful, ruthless and vulnerable, Mary Sibley is Salem’s most powerful enchantress, with a deep secret and deeper desires that may threaten her position and strength.  Both villainess and heroine – she is always the center of attention. Mary uses her position of power and influence not only to promote her personal ascension within Salem, but to wreak revenge upon those whose hypocrisy and cruelty lead Mary to her current struggles. When John Alden returns, it turns her world upside down.  No matter how tough she is, Alden nearly derails everything, causing long-dormant emotions to resurface with a dizzying vengeance. Regardless of whom she truly loves, her husband or John, Mary may well be bound by ties even deeper to someone – or something – else.