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We Quizzed The Cast Of Killjoys And Things Went Kinda Off The Rails

Returns June 30

With a few more warrants under their belts and more action-packed adventure to come, our favourite Killjoys stopped by Space to talk all things Season 2. Since Hannah John-Kamen, Aaron Ashmore, and Luke Macfarlane know how to work as a badass trio both on and off camera, we got them to answer some of our burning questions.


Who’s most like their character?


Hannah John-Kamen: Aaron is sweet and caring just like Johnny, and Luke is tough and bruiting like D’avin.

Luke Macfarlane: Aaron. He’s intelligent and quick.

Aaron Ashmore: Me!


Who messes up the most on set?


Aaron: Me, especially in Season 2.

Luke: I mess up fights and stunt scenes the most.

Hannah: All three of us! Aaron swears a lot but Luke and I just laugh it off.


Who would win in a fight?


Hannah: …Me!

Aaron: Luke. (laughs)

Luke: I would.



Luke is taking this quiz very seriously.


Who’s more of a goofball or prankster on set?


Hannah: Tough one. I’d say Luke!

Aaron: There’s not much pranking. But everyone is a goofball.

Luke: Equal amount of goofiness


Who would qualify for Level 6 in real life?


Luke: Hannah

Aaron: HANNAH, who is a level six actor!

Hannah: All three! For different reasons: Luke, he’s just physically stronger. But Johnny should at least be a level 5!


We might have found the answer as to why D’avin isn’t a Level 6.

Season 2 of Killjoys airs Fridays at 9e 6p on Space.