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Killjoys Recap: “Come The Rain”

Fridays 8e 5p

Remember how acid rain was such a huge issue in the ‘90s? Well, on Westerley, it still is. Actually, it’s a lot worse—their “Black Rain” is so acidic it’ll burn skin off your bones after just a few minutes of exposure. It sucks for the residents of Old Town, but it’s handy for The Company, who use the rain storms to save on execution costs. Why bother powering up the electric chair when you can just leave a convicted criminal out in the rain to fry?


As a Westerley heat wave breaks, the Black Rain approaches, leaving the planet’s denizens to scramble for cover with very little warning. That’s how John winds up stuck in Pree’s bar with Pawter, a Company man, and a gang of Land ID Claim thieves—also known as: the perfect recipe for a shootout.


And shoot they do, wounding the gang’s leader (you know, the only guy who knows where the getaway ship is?) which forces Pawter to have to step in and do surgery. One catch: turns out Pawter’s not the Good Samaritan descended from Qresh on high to help the lowly of Westerley that she’d been selling herself as. She’s a drug addict who killed a patient once while operating high. Now she’s going into withdrawal and needs a hit of the Quad’s most popular injectable fast. Banished for operating on Jack, she can’t do this operation without it. Irony, everyone.


While all this is going on in Old Town, Dutch and D’Avin are waiting out the storm from the relative safety of Lucy, who’s stationed high above it. Under the guise of a simple transport warrant, John has tricked the pair into spending some quality time together, post-post-coitus brawl. Dutch is still smarting from the attack (obviously) and D’Avin has lost all trust in himself (obviously), but it’s nothing a fun team-building exercise can’t fix, right? Err…


As Pawter’s abilities as a physician begin to seriously suffer, John realizes that he has to go out and score the lady some drugs, rain be damned. He and Scarback (remember Westerley’s weird religious sect of self-harmers?) Alvis take to the town’s old mining tunnels to see what they can rustle up. Luckily, devotees will hand over their last hit of the good stuff to get a blessing.


Armed with the drug and the knowledge that a Company squad is lurking below the bar, ready to get everyone killed, John returns to Pawter and the two complete the surgery. Exhausted, he reports back to the gang that their leader will live. They, in turn, throw their Company hostage out into the rain. After rescuing him, John has had just about enough. You really can’t blame him for shooting each gang member in the head and calling it a day.

But the intrigue isn’t quite over. As the Company’s rain-burned agent is being wheeled out on a stretcher, he hands Alvis something: the blueprints for Company storage depots—they’ve been stockpiling weapons. Something’s about to go down.


Something is going down with our favourite trio of Killjoys, too. For now, they’re back to being a duo—until D’Avin can find a way to fix the mess he’s made.