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  • Miller


     - Thomas Jane

    Miller—and really, he just goes by his last name—is a hardened, world-weary detective. His work in the Asteroid Belt has shown him the worst sides of humanity. His new job, tracking down a missing girl, will change his life or end it.
  • Jim Holden

    Jim Holden

     - Steven Strait

    Originally from Montana, Jim Holden has taken a position on the Canterbury after getting kicked out of Earth's Navy. He lives to avoid responsibility, because once he's taken on a cause, he can't stop until he sees it through.
  • Chrisjen Avasarala

    Chrisjen Avasarala

     - Shohreh Aghdashloo

    The Deputy Undersecretary for the United Nations, Chrisjen Avasarala is a master of politics who achieved her position without a single vote cast in her name. She's an unstoppable behind-the-scenes operator who will do whatever it takes to protect Earth ... regardless of the consequences.
  • Naomi Nagata

    Naomi Nagata

     - Dominique Tipper

    Naomi Nagata is a Belter (someone born and raised in the Asteroid Belt) who grew up on prospecting ships crewed by her people. Entirely self-taught, she knows every inch of every ship she works on. She's the best engineer on the Canterbury, and she never talks about her past.
  • Alex Kamal

    Alex Kamal

     - Cas Anvar

    A veteran Navy pilot born on Mars, Alex Kamal is a restless soul who only feels at home aboard a ship. Beneath his good ol' boy attitude is a true professional whose skill and wisdom continually save the crew from dangerous and seemingly impossible situations.

Based on the best-selling books by Daniel Abraham and Ty Franck, The Expanse features three central characters tied together by a missing fourth: a young woman who may be the key to ending the interplanetary conflict brewing between human factions on Earth, Mars, and across the asteroid belt.


Thomas Jane plays a hard-drinking, easily corrupted detective on the dwarf planet of Ceres while Steven Strait is cast as an officer stationed on an ice freighter in the belt. The trio is rounded out by Academy Award-nominee Shohreh Aghdashloo as a high-ranking UN politician tasked with bringing peace to a scattered species. What lies ahead of them is an unveiling of the greatest conspiracy in human history.