Fanboy Confessional

Fanboy Confessional

“Fanboy”, “Geek” and “Nerd” were once terms of ridicule and derision, but now these folks wear the badges proudly. Because everyone knows – Nerds Rule! And today there are literally millions of self-professed nerds around the world. FANBOY CONFESSIONAL is a new television series celebrating this revolution.

FANBOY CONFESSIONAL presents active stories of self-professed “Fanboys” (and “Fangirls”) – pop culture enthusiasts and aficionados. It’s a celebration of unique interests and creative knowledge, and presents each Fanboy as a hero in his or her own right. The characters in our series come from all areas of fandom, and all have a sense of humor about their passions, mixed with a healthy measure of self-awareness and respect.

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Costume building with both newbie and pro cosplayers, and an inside peek backstage of the great Anime North Masquerade.


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