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New Doctor Who Trailer Promises An Epic Season

Saturdays 9e 6p

What a way to say goodbye.

If the latest trailer is any indication, Peter Capaldi’s final season playing our beloved Doctor looks like it’s shaping up to be incredibly exciting and fast-paced.

The added intrigue of a new companion (Pearl Mackie’s french-fry-serving Bill) notwithstanding, this new clip also prepares Whovians for an all-new slate of adventures aboard the time-and-space-traversing TARDIS (or ‘kitchen’ as Bill calls it).

Highlights in the new promo include: emoji-speaking astronauts, the return of Missy, space vacuums, and a humanoid, person-shaped alien uttering the classic Dalek line, “Exterminate!” What. The. Heck.

Check out the hype-building new promo below and mark your calendars. Doctor Who returns to Space April 15.