After several weeks of keep-you-awake-at-night guesswork, it’s time to put speculation to rest. The BBC just announced that the next star of Doctor Who will be revealed this Sunday, August 4 in a special live broadcast, which will air at 2pm ET on Space. The new Doctor will make his first appearance during this year’s Christmas special, when Matt Smith’s 11th Doctor will regenerate in the Christmas Special following the 50th anniversary special on November 23. 

Hosted by Zoë Ball, Sunday’s half-hour special will include an interview with the 12th Doctor to-be, in addition to chats with Matt Smith and executive producer/head writer Steven Moffat. The show will also include guest appearances by Doctors and companions recent and past, as well as celebrity fans. And apparently it’s all going to go down “against the backdrop of a swirling vortex, amongst Daleks and the TARDIS.” Where else?

Top picks floating around these days include Peter Capaldi, Ben Daniels, Rory Kinnear, and Ben Whishaw. Let us know your final guesses in the comments!