This week featured hideous demons, pretty piggies, and a not-so-pretty double elimination. Here’s what went down:

Foundation Challenge

Inspired by the movie Insidious—and to help promo the release of Insidious: Chapter 2—contestants had two hours to create an original demonic entity, to be evaluated by regular Face Off judge Glenn Hetrick. The challenge also required turning male models into female demons, which yielded mixed results; final looks ranged from drag-ish to troll-bride. Glenn picked Rick and Roy as his top two, but Roy was the chosen winner for his horrendously creepy plastic-faced devil lady. No demon should have bangs.

Spotlight Challenge

Veering in a totally different direction, contestants were specifically told not to make anything creepy for this week’s Spotlight Challenge. Working in groups of two, they had to build modern versions of classic Mother Goose characters. The keyword here: whimsy. The judges were very serious about whimsy this week.

Teams & Concepts

Roy & RJ: Working off “The Cat and the Fiddle,” they decide to create a giant instrument that the cat can wear. He’ll be able to play music on his own outfit!

Laura & Frank: Hoping to show a different side to Little Miss Muffet, they choose to focus on the spider, and tell the story from his point of view.

Alana & Laney: Their assigned rhyme is “The Three Little Piggies.” In Alana’s words, “I’m not stickin’ to no little piggy going to the market.”

Lyma & Alfonso: Considering their track record, a Lyma-Alfonso match-up seems like a dangerous choice. Their plan: Gaga-fying Humpty Dumpty. 

Rick & Eric: Having chosen the Crooked Man, a lesser-known Mother Goose character, they create a slumped and boney character with a forlorn look. He’s definitely unsettling, but will he meet the judge’s whimsy quota?

Scott & Eddie: Instead of The Man in the Moon, they create an asymmetrical girl in the moon, who serves up a tray of rank-looking moon cheese.

Tate & Miranda: Having picked the nursery rhyme “Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater,” they set out to make one of the pumpkins Peter ate. It’s a whimsical revenge tale!

Who nailed it

It may not have seemed like a storybook match, but Lyma and Alfonso finally get kudos from the judges, who love the couture elements in their feminized Humpty Dumpty. Alana and Laney continue their streak of success, pulling out a hilariously grotesque pig complete with bacon bra and a big bacon bow in her hair. These two are quickly proving to have the most sense of fun in the group. But the winning team was Tate and Miranda, for their intricate pumpkin character that evenly straddled realism and whimsy. Miranda was singled out as the overall winner—which makes two Spotlight Challenge wins for the 23-year-old veteran contestant.

Who blew it

Although they’ve been among the top contenders so far, Laura and Frank were burned for their whimsy-void spider, which looked a little too human. But it was Eric and Rick who were eventually sent wee wee weeing all the way home. The judges felt their Crooked Man not only failed to demonstrate whimsy, it also lacked anatomical sense.

Thoughts going into next week

While Rick and Eric may have been the clear losers of this particular challenge, this elimination really emphasized that no one is safe. Remember that Rick was in the top two in the Foundation Challenge during this same episode! Seeing Laura and Frank—two of the most capable contestants—in the bottom four should rattle a few nerves going into the next test.

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