Bitten may centre on the world's only female werewolf, but the Pack is undoubtedly a bro-zone. This season, however, Stonehaven will get some female visitors (although it's TBD whether or not they'll be friendly) when a coven of witches turns to the Pack for support. And today, the witches were revealed—or at least, the actors who will be playing the witches were revealed.

Tammy Isbell will appear as Ruth Winterbourne, the coven's levelheaded leader (could this be a romance opportunity for Jeremy?), while Tommie Amber Pirie will play her outspoken daughter Paige. And Kiara Glasco will be taking on the role of Savannah Levine, a young witch who's easily swayed. Our only suggestion is that Tammy and Tommie should use their real names on the show—because that would be cute.

Anyway, no word yet on how these women will fit into the Pack's various dramas (unless you've read the books), but hopefully they'll serve as allies to Elena & co. as they hunt down Malcolm Danvers. The Mutts may be the least of the Pack's worries, however, since they'll be facing a much bigger threat this season. Here's what today's press release has to say about that:

"Picking up after the dramatic Season 1 finale, Elena and the Pack, bent on bloody revenge, hunt for the mastermind of the Mutt uprising, Malcolm Danvers. But as they try to settle old scores, the Pack discovers a dangerously new and much more evil threat—a sinister and deadly force that draws the werewolves into a strange and frightening Otherworld, filled with enemies and allies. This time their very existence is at stake."

Yikes! Production on Bitten season two is already underway, with the premiere schedulled for sometime in early 2015. Scroll down for pics of the less-hunky new cast.