Having said goodbye to Stonehaven, Elena has been camping out in a less deadly (but no less feral) sanctuary: Philip's bedroom. (Where the reunited couple starts the episode by making out to the Timber Timbre song "Black Water.") Perhaps inspired by Becky's wedding, which is coming up in a few days, Philip proposes that Elena move in with him. He'll get a maid service and everything! Elena takes a few days to think it over, but after a pep talk from Logan, she says yes—so long as Philip understands this means "protein bars everywhere." Seriously, how many protein bars are we talking about that it could actually be an issue? Philip agrees to cope with this Clif Bar tsunami, and they make out. 

Logan and his chef girlfriend Rachel are also hitting a significant relationship landmark. After a colleague overhears her barfing on the job, Rachel gets sent home—but she doesn't have the flu. She's got a little baby werewolf growing in her uterus! Logan takes the news surprisingly well, considering this means his entire, delicately balanced world is about to shatter. 

Back in Bear Valley, things are far from blissful. The Pack's allies are turning up dead (leaving Nick to clean up the mess), and a rogue mutt, having heard the Pack is weak, shows up on the Stonehaven steps to challenge Jeremy. At first, Clay lets him limp away with a broken nose, but when he comes back for round two, Jeremy gets out the heavy-duty pliers and tells Clay to make an example of him.

Worlds collide at Becky's wedding, when Daniel Santos crashes the reception pretending to be a cousin of the groom. Elena had noticed him on the street a few days before, and masked her discomfort by telling Philip she'd seen Victor Olson, a man who assaulted her as a child. (Who probably just got turned into a werewolf by Zachary Cain, but that's another issue.) In a quiet corridor, Santos proposes that he and Elena join forces, since they're both currently outsiders to the Pack. She responds by throwing him against a wall and telling him she'd rather die. Santos leaves the party—but not before placing a gruesome gift for Jeremy in Elena's coat pocket. 

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