Fans of our genre and fans of Community tend to have quite a bit of overlap, but geeky Community fans have a great new reason to be excited for the new season. TVLine reports that Caprica Six herself, Tricia Helfer is set to guest star in season 4 as.. what else, but a mega-fan of Community's own Doctor Who parody Inspector Spacetime.

We already learned that one episode this coming season will focus on Abed's trip to an Inspector Spacetime convention so this makes for an Inspector heavy season (and we're definitely not complaining). Karen Gillan has also expressed interest in getting involved with the Spacetime shenanigans, but no word on whether the new Community show runners have been in contact with her about that.

It has been super awesome listening to Tricia as EDI in Mass Effect, but we're extra excited to see her face on TV again (in one of the best comedies currently running, no less!)