Fans filed into Room 801 for a first look at our new Space original series, Orphan Black. Teddy Wilson was on hand to host then event with our esteemed guests: series stars Tatiana Maslany and Jordan Gavaris.

The hour-long panel saw the actors talking about the series (spoiler free!), featured a never-before-seen clip from the third episode, and also offered a great Q&A session with the audience. Here are my favourite moments.

As part of his InnerSpace duties, Teddy gets to see a lot of rough cuts. Without GFX complete, it can be hard to become immersed in a show, but Teddy confessed that the rough cut of Orphan Black got the genre hooks into him unlike any series he's ever seen before. I've seen the pilot, too, and it’s truly great.

Tatiana called playing so many different clones “an insane dream and challenge.” Why are genre fans so interested in cloning? “It’s the physical manifestation of an identity crisis. It's the nature versus nurture question: Who am I? How does an environment shape us?”

Jordan on what it was like to work with so many version of Tatiana: “It was easy to differentiate acting between the clones because Tat was so strong... almost like functional schizophrenia.”

While describing her first time working with Jordan, Tatiana said it was “one of those lovely moments where you forget you're auditioning.” Teddy then revealed himself as “Canada's Barbara Walters” and that she should “feel free to cry.”

When asked what she would ask if she met her own clone, Tatiana couldn't really answer, explaining that “meeting your clone would be a challenge because you have to face yourself.” For the record, if Teddy met his clone, he would ask him: “Do you get an upset tummy sometimes?”

Tatiana created playlists for all her characters, using music to help shape them. Certain characters also had their own dance moves. One in particular was a “very specific rave dance.” No glow sticks, however.

We learned that very little improv was done due to the intense technical set ups. Unlike most same-actor-playing-two-characters shots, the camera moved a lot. How do they do that? A specialized dolly memorizes a camera move so it can replicate a shot perfectly. 

Fun fact: most clones used in a single scene was three.

What did the actors do between shoots? During Tatiana's 1.5-hour hair/makeup/personality change breaks, Jordan kicked back with episodes of Fringe. As a genre fan, he couldn't have been happier to introduce the show in this setting, saying: “The series creators bend the rules of sci-fi and the traditional narrative. You're going to love it!”

Post panel, fans had a chance to snag autographs with Tatiana and Jordan. A great get before the series blows up in a big way. Orphan Black will be fully unveiled at Anaheim WonderCon on March 29, but Canada won't have to wait long to see it—the premiere is slated for Saturday, March 30th at 9e/6p, immediately following the return of Doctor Who

Stay tuned to for more Orphan Black goodness as we get closer and closer to the premiere.