Crowley Heights is a haven for satanists, and now it's up to you to kick all their asses! Take on zombie cheerleaders, bloodthirsty seniors, hooded satanists and devilish bosses from all corners of evil-dom. Choose your favourite member of the gang - Todd, Curtis, Hannah or Jenny and get pummeling!

I was given a pass to play through the game, and I can tell you first hand that it is quite the entertaining time suck, for an in browser punch-em-up.  To be honest when I first started, I sucked.  I was playing as Curtis, and I just couldn't time my robo-arm punches to smack the hordes of cheerleaders thrown at me.  Luckily, I soon found my groove and started decimating the student body.


The game features several levels from the TV show including the science lab and Atticus' office, and each level has it's own super strong boss that's extra tricky to bring down.  Between smacking your way through the level and facing the boss, you're given a chance to power up in several different mini-games! My personal favourite was probably the fill in the blanks quote quiz just because it made me giggle (hint: all the blanks in one of the quotes were filled with variations of the word "cock"), but the other mini-games were also very fun.


What better way to round off a game about beating the crap out of evil than to have Jimmy giving you advice and Atticus berating you if you fail?  Yup, the cryptic janitor will appear frequently to share his words of wisdom and everyone's favourite guidance counsellor is happy to make fun of you should you mess up.

Crowley Descent is available now for all to enjoy! Just head to the game's website.  To keep updated, you can also follow the game on twitter, @CrowleyDescent or play some of the mini games as stand alones on the Todd facebook page!

Of course, you don't want to forget that Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 2 premieres on SPACE Sunday October 30th at 10pm E!