Are there any fans of Todd, Curtis, Jenny, Hannah, or even those nefarious Metal Dudes out there? Yes?  Well, fire up your iTunes store because it's just been overrun with PURE EVIL.  That's right, all 13 episodes of Todd and the Book of Pure Evil Season 2 are now available for purchase in full, glorious 3D HD!  Click here to peruse the episodes in the store. To celebrate, we’re going to count down our five favourite episodes from the year two at Crowley High right here on this very blog.  In fact, here’s our the first:

5. Deathday Cake

At first viewing, Deathday Cake might seem like a pretty typical episode of Todd. The not-so-status-quo at Crowley High is rocked when one vengeful student gets their hands on that pesky Book of Pure Evil. The trouble begins when Martha Ruth Miriam Margaret, a religious zealot who has never been able to celebrate a birthday due her practice of insert some kind of über-strict religion here, decides enough is enough. Before anyone can say “Birthday Shoes”, the student body has a body count. Sounds run of the mill, for Todd anyways.

But what the episode may lack in slick genre parody or special effects, it more than makes up for in razor-sharp if-you-weren’t-paying-attention-you-missed-it comedy. Off the top, the cold open nails it. As some popular chick is regaled with a rousing chorus of “Today is your Birthday, Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay! Yay!” I dare you not to be amused. The message here is clear (and funny): birthdays are kind of stupid, but kind of awesome.

Todd’s attempts to deliver for Curtis’ birthday range from hilarious firework-underwear (“it’s called a gift, Hannah”) to a heartfelt dinner (Favorite Moment: Todd hastily sneaking the second “N” in dinner onto his chalk board game-plan).
Other stand-out laughs include:
•    Atticus Murphy and Troy’s satanic meeting (arguably the funniest moment in the episode is Atticus’ response to Troy’s birthday shoes)
•    The recurring motif of birthday shoe fever (and the catchy new saying: “Suck it off”)
•    Can’t help but enjoy the religious girl vernacular

For Deathday Cake, the devil is in the details. The hollow birthday horn that marks each passing day of the week-long birthday massacre is an example of how this episode of Todd packs in a lot of substance but doesn’t forget about style. We also get to see a lot of the gang interacting on a personal level. It’s hard not to like everyone in the episode because they all like each other so much. That this episode is rife with great one-liners and subtle character moments while also having a pretty heavy Pure Evil sub-plot is the icing on the cake.

Episode MVP: Troy. A tour-de-force of gross-out laughs and popular boy douchery. He will be missed.

Runner Up: Atticus Murphy Jr’s raging A-sexuality

Killer Line:
Hannah: Someone left their shoes in the hall…
Jenny: And their feet in their shoes

Watch the rest of the episode here!